11 Apr
Mobile ground surveillance radar

Mobile ground surveillance radar


   Man-portable ground surveillance radar

DZRD-K4 (Mobile ground surveillance radar) is a is a man-portable surveillance radar equipment and is suited for battlefield, border, coast and site surveillance applications.
DZRD-K4 is class of Pulse Doppler Radar that detect and track personnel, ground vehicles and low flying aircraft. Such radars are characterized by their ability to deliver real-time data that enables evaluation and behavior analysis of potential threats.

  • Advanced Doppler processing
  •   Remains operational no matter day or night, all weather capability
  •  Transport easily and installs rapidly in challenging terrain
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation make it easy to deploy
  • Rapid update rate with continuous 360 degree coverage or definable sector scanning
  • Automated priority target track mod
  • Separation of radar unit and operator unit up to 50 m with cable TCP/IP network operation
  • Tower, vehicle mount and tripod configurations
  • Integrates and cues image sensors with high accuracy
  • Extremely low weight (man portable)
  • Ease of operation with user friendly man-machine interface
  • Threat warning via alarm zones
  • Net-workable
  • Web interface for command and control
  • Very low life cycle costs

Index Name DZRD-K4
Pedestrian (1 m²) 4 km
Vehicle (10 m²) 6 km
Azimuth/Elevation beam-width 4°/20°
Transmit Power 1 W / 5W/ 10W
Range/Azimuth accuracy 10 m/0.3°
Azimuth coverage Definable sector or full 360°
Interface Ethernet/RS-232 or customized
Noise factor < 4 db
Search speed  30 ° / S, 60 ° / S
Antenna pattern Array antenna
Transmit type Pulse-Doppler
Velocity 100M/19200bps
Terminal display Color LCD: 10.2 inches; Resolution: 1024 x 768
Reliability MTBF  5000hMTTR  0.5h
Total weight 5.5Kg
Input power Lithium battery DC 24V  60 W
(8 hours continuous working)
Or AC 220V 50HZ/60 HZ


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