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RF Neutralization System

RF Neutralization System


RF Directional Neutralization System
Model: DZ-DN1

SZMID Directional RF Mitigation System (DZ-DN1) is a purpose-designed multi-band system, includes two types, one is Focus band type , it’s able to inhibit 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and GNSS signal, (400 ~900MHz optional).

The other is Full band type, it’s against UAV’s signal across 40MHz to 6GHz.
The two types are completely independent and complementary , which is able to combine to work with optical detection tracking subsystem to make the target accurate.  
Index Name RF Neutralization System DZ-DN1
Interference band
Wireless satellite navigation:1.5G~1.6G Hz (GNSS)
Remote control:2.4G~2.5G Hz
Transmission Signal: 5.725~5.85GHz
Extended interference: 400 ~900 MHz
Interference signal mode
Sweep signal, white-limited noise signal, etc
Interference signal pattern can be set and programmed
to expand.
Maximum interference distance >1.2km
Interference Mode Blocking interference, using a software radio architecture  
to support other interference mode extensions

RF Omnidirectional Neutralization System
Model: DZRD-H10K-64A


Index Name DZRD-H10K-64A
Neutralizing frequency 1550-1620MHz, 2400-2500MHz,5725-5850MH
Navigation type GPS (U.S.), Beidou (China), GLONASS (Russia) and Galileo (Europe)
RF neutralizing distance 1-2km (without block) custom-made the neutralizing distance
Neutralizing time No limit
Output power <65W
Power supply AC220/DC14.6V
Detecting mode Automatically and manually
Total weight 15Kg


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